Canon HV40 Camera

Picked up a Canon HV40 the other day. Wow! It’s love at first sight, and shot. I’ve been waiting for a camera like this for so long. The best since my venerable Sony V5000 from nearly 20 years ago, and it only rivaled this one in a couple of areas (manual zoom, best audio of any camera I’ve owned – still).

The HV40 is the lasted incarnation of the HV20, the little dynamo that is the weapon of choice for many budding, and accomplished, film makers.

Finally to have ‘that look’, in my hands. And so much control. Just have to be careful with movement, but that’s part of the art right?

The sound recording on the HV40 is sensitive, but picks up too much, such as camera motor noise and my breathing, even over louder ambient sound. But hey, that’s what the Zoom H series is for, but more on that in another post.

The video below was shot using the HV40 for this band performance under existing lighting using the Zoom H4n for audio.

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